Senior School

Students join the Senior School in Year 9, and from this point they follow a curriculum that’s tailored to their needs.

The usual academic subjects are supplemented by Religious Education, Personal, Social and Health Education (PHSE), Citizenship, Classics and Careers. An imaginative Key Stage 4 curriculum encourages students to develop personal qualities, the ability to work as part of a team, tackle problems and show initiative. Seaford College students flourish in a positive learning environment with high quality teaching and first-rate facilities.

In Year 9, students take part in a Creative Carousel, a weekly lesson on rotation that gives students the opportunity to try out creative subjects and extra-curricular activities which they may have never tried before with the aim of developing a student's curiosity, creativity and life-skills through a board-range of subjects. In recent years, these have included Self-Defence, Yoga, Cookery, Dance, Fencing and Music Technology. We have also recently introduced an Academic Carousel, designed to give students a better glimpse at some of the subjects they could study at GCSE and A Level as their option choices.