Three Schools, One College

We are very proud that, whilst we are three separate Schools – Prep, Senior, and Sixth Form – we are most definitely one College.

Each School has its own dedicated member of staff heading it, with Headmaster John Green overseeing all three Schools and the College as a whole. Students are treated differently at each stage of their life at Seaford, to reflect their changing needs, but they also benefit from being part of the wider community, too.

Prep School students benefit from the fantastic facilities of the Senior School, having specialist teachers in core subjects and mentoring from older students.

In the Senior School, students take part in two Carousels – a Creative Carousel and an Academic Carousel – before choosing their GCSE options, allowing them to make informed decisions about the subjects that interest them the most.

Students moving from our Senior School to the Sixth Form have great continuity, with their teachers helping them to choose A Level subjects that may help them with any particular career or university aims. We also ensure that students in our Sixth Form are given greater independence and responsibilities, creating an environment to help prepare them for university and life beyond school, including a separate boarding house for Year 13s.

Each School truly benefits from being part of the wider Seaford community, which we are proud to say is a happy and healthy one.

A Fond Farewell from Head Boy Ross Donaldson

Ross grew up at Seaford and was Head Boy in Year 13.  He explains why Seaford's community is so special.