The Chaplaincy

Seaford College was founded on strongly-held Christian principles, but in today’s multi-cultural society there is a place for all faiths and beliefs here.

The College has its own Chapel, which houses a congregation of 150 and is in regular use for assemblies and special services. We also have our own full time chaplain, who teaches, conducts services and worship for the Prep School and Senior School alike. The Chaplain is also part of our excellent Pastoral Care Team which offers counselling to students.

Confirmation classes are held for those students who wish to affirm their faith and Confirmation services are held annually in the College Chapel.

The Chaplaincy embraces all religious persuasions and every degree of faith, driven by a deeply-held Christian conviction that all people are loved by God without reservation, whether they profess a religious commitment or not at all.

Fr. Colin Datchler joined Seaford as our new Chaplain in September 2018, and started the term off with a spot of photo bombing!