Help and Support

“Seaford has its own dedicated pastoral management centre called No.46, which is open every day of the week. That level of care comes from our Headmaster. Our pastoral care is above and beyond many other schools because we are open and honest about the pressures that young people face. We don’t have a higher percentage of students with problems, we’re just more honest about dealing with them. Parents are really welcoming of this attitude and they find it very supportive.”

Jo Forman
    Assistant Head (Safeguarding & Resilience) DSL

“We put as much emphasis on mental health as physical wellbeing, because without stable mental health, students aren’t going to develop and learn in the classroom. Its importance is widely accepted now in a way it wasn’t in the past, and students and parents are now more willing speak up and ask for help.”

Mark Bernhardt
    Safeguarding, Wellbeing & Resilience

“With one in four young people suffering with mental health difficulties, the government and all schools are realising the urgency of dealing with these issues, because they understand they can be just as destructive as physical ailments. We are leading the way with a very proactive approach, as we like to be ahead of the game.”

john green