Park Life: The School Day

Every School day begins with Tutor Registration at 8.25am, and finishes at 5.30pm.

Lessons are 50 minutes in length with the School day broken up into 7 periods. Regular breaks ensure that students maintain maximum concentration throughout the day. Each student has 55 minutes for lunch and a morning and afternoon break.

The afternoon tea at 3.55pm is followed by Tutor Registration and then either prep time or activities. We have a very full programme of activities at Seaford, and all of our students take part in some form of activity as part of the breadth of curriculum offered.

The Prep School has a full activities programme running from 4.30pm until 5.30pm. In Year 9, we operate a carousel of nine different activities in three week cycles to ensure that all students try a range of activities to help them discover their interests. Following this, in Years 10–13, students opt into their activity options one afternoon per week, during prep, ensuring that enough time is dedicated to their academic development.

Whilst we don’t have a Saturday School, we have a full programme of activities on offer on Saturday mornings, and we warmly invite students to return to the College to take part in these.