Sport plays a major part in life at Seaford and our ethos is that sport for all and elite sport can co-exist. 

The Sports Department aims to develop a visionary, student-centred environment that fosters enjoyment, inclusivity, hard work, creativity, competition, resilience, decision making, and reflection. Seaford develops independent learners that can adapt to the constantly changing landscape of modern sport, ensuring each student achieves their own personal best via the Seaford sporting pathway. 

Seaford College has an ever-growing reputation for sporting excellence and inclusion. Students have the opportunity to experience a broad array of sports, on a recreational and competitive level. Many students, both past and present, have enjoyed enormous success competing at national and international level.

Regardless of ability, each and every individual student will experience dedicated sports teaching and coaching, based on excellent student-to-staff ratios. Participation and enjoyment are fundamental values that underpin sport at Seaford College, increasing the chances of students achieving personal bests. We thrive on an inclusive attitude and as a result, students’ enjoyment of sports lessons increases, as does the likelihood of them continuing to be involved in sport into adulthood.

Seaford’s given me everything under the sun. I’ve grown so much as a person, both inside and outside of the classroom. Seaford has grown in leaps and bounds with Mr Green. I love sport, it teaches you everything: leadership, communication, teamwork, everything you do when you go into full-time work.”

Nico Caines

Playing sport provides vital benefits to all students, regardless of their level of aptitude. We don’t want anyone to be left on the bench here, which is why every student has timetabled Games, and we try, as much as possible, to have A, B, and C teams for our major sports. All teams have regular training with our fantastic coaches in Games sessions, and compete on a weekly basis throughout the year, with Saturday fixtures compulsory for all Senior School students. Our teams enter both local and national competitions and in recent years have enjoyed a number of successes in these tournaments. We regularly punch above our weight, with notable wins against strong sporting schools.

Many students discover a passion for a new sport here at Seaford and many go on to pursue a professional career in their chosen sport. We are very lucky to have exceptional facilities and our students have full access to these.

Our Director of Sport, Liam Doubler, and his coaching team are passionate about developing personal qualities and characteristics through sport. Sportsmanship is very important here at Seaford. Competing in any extra-curricular activity and particularly with sport, the idea of sportsmanship kicks in right from the very start. It’s pure common courtesy. It teaches you about meeting people, greeting people, being gracious in defeat, thinking, "How can I improve?" It teaches you to congratulate those who have earned success, perhaps got a job over you, then accepting it’s being done for a reason, accepting a decision. These are important life skills for the future.

Sport at Seaford is run on five levels. On the base is core PE (examination PE) which is kept broad with lots of different activities. Keeping it broad means you can learn lots of different skills from different sports.

The next level is recreational sports, where we have lots of opportunities as part of our activities programme. Inter-House sport is friendly and competitive. Life is competitive and sport is a great place to foster this and strive to be the best you can. A great example of inter-House competition is cross country. Seaford has a beautiful cross country route and this is a whole school activity, from Prep through to Sixth Form.

The next tier is our College Sport, where students can represent the College in all our major sports.  Core sports (rugby, girls’ hockey, boys’ hockey, netball, athletics, cricket, and rounders) and also other opportunities such as equestrian and sailing opportunities adds to sporting life at Seaford. 

We can provide the best environment possible for our sports Scholars with our outstanding facilities, to help them be the best they can. Seaford has lots of academy rugby players, academy netballers, and national league hockey players. Senior Scholars are also given the opportunity to mentor Prep School students, offering them the chance to enhance their coaching skills whilst supporting the development of their younger peers.

I applied for a scholarship at Seaford so I could pursue my sporting activities in school, particularly hockey. Sport has played an important role in developing my academic success and has encouraged me to work as hard in the classroom as I do on the sports field.

I  have  had  amazing  encouragement  and  sporting  tips from my teachers which has allowed me to take things away from  school  sport  into  my  sport  outside  of school.

In my private study periods, the facilities in the Johnson Centre allow me to work on my strength and conditioning and complete my training programme. I have noticed my performance improve because of this; I can perform at a higher level than before and push myself that little bit more every week.

After Seaford I would like to go to Exeter University to study Sport Science. I would also love to carry on playing sport as I enjoy improving and I appreciate the positive effect it has on my education – it creates a healthy mind."

Xenia Truman, Sport

Gaining a Sports Scholarship really boosted my confidence and gave me the drive to succeed. I want to pursue a career in professional rugby."

Caelan Stanton


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