Dance is creative, exciting, and full of performance opportunities at Seaford.

Seaford has it's own Dance Studio in the Johnson Centre, and as well as GCSE and A Level courses there are many co-curricular Dance clubs that students can join.

Our Head of Dance is Miss Alena Bennett.

GCSE Dance 

We offer GCSE Dance which is becoming increasingly popular year and year. 

GCSE Dance is creative, exciting and full of performance opportunities. Students will work collaboratively to develop their dance skills by studying different dance styles including jazz, contemporary, ballet and street. Students will have the opportunity to participate in the annual Dance Showcase, as well as other performance opportunities in and out of Seaford. Students will develop and create dances for a range of purposes and in response to different stimuli. They will also have the opportunity to see live professional works, developing the ability to analyse, evaluate and appreciate dance. GCSE Dance will widen their knowledge and understanding of the dance industry and open their eyes to the many job opportunities and pathways available. 


Optional Dance in Year 9 

In year 9 students have the option of choosing dance as a subject. 

Students will explore a variety of dance styles and develop their creativity through a wide range of choreographic tasks. Students will develop and improve their performance skills whilst working towards performance pieces for the annual dance showcase. Students will acquire all the necessary skills to continue on to GCSE dance. 

Performing Arts Carousel in Year 7-8 

Dance is taught as part of a Performing Arts carousel in years 7-8. 

In dance students develop their technical skills, as well as developing their performance skills. We focus on a fusion of contemporary and street dance, as well as developing students' knowledge of key dance vocabulary and professional dance companies. 

Dance Scholarships 

Seaford College offers Dance Scholarships to students who have a strong passion for dance and who are willing to make a full contribution to dance at the College, including participating in a wide range of dance activities and performances. These scholarships are available for students who demonstrate potential in one or more dance styles. 

The Application Process at 11+, 13+ and 16+ Awards are made on the basis of an audition and a short interview with the Head of Dance. Successful candidates will be expected to take Dance as an option subject, and to participate in all activities involving dance. 


Dance Shows 

Every year we put on a dance show to celebrate and showcase the students’ hard work. It is always a joyous occasion as students of all ages participate in creating memorable moments to enrich their learning. 

Throughout the year we also have regular lunch times concerts, scholars’ showcases, the senior and prep school musical, as well as a variety of other concerts, shows and competitions. 




Co-curricular clubs 

We offer a wide range of clubs for our prep, senior and sixth form students, which take place during lunch or after school during prep time. All students who attend these clubs work towards participating in the annual dance show case. 


Peripatetic lessons 

We offer tuition in the following Dance styles: ISTD Modern, ISTD Tap, RAD Ballet, ISTD Ballet, Contemporary and Acro. Lessons up to and including Year 9 are delivered on a rotation basis throughout the school day. For year 10 and above, lessons are delivered outside of academic lessons. 

We have 6 peripatetic dance teachers 



Further enrichment - Workshops 

To further enrich the students' experiences, we regularly offer workshops. Most recently we have had Chichester College, MAP Dance company, Ella&Co and Images Ballet Company. Our students have also led dance workshops for local primary and prep schools to develop their leadership skills. 

Ella&co Dance Workshop

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