Clubs & Societies

We run a range of Clubs and Societies here at Seaford College, and ensure that our students have plenty of opportunities to try them out.

Academic progress is at the heart of everything we do, but we also believe in our students discovering new passions and developing into well-rounded individuals. Our students gain confidence and independence through the varied activities that we offer here, which in turn has a positive impact on academic learning, as that confidence will often transfer back into the classroom.

When it comes to our Clubs and Societies, our message is always very simple: ‘Have a go’. Very often the students here will turn their hand to something new and either discover immense pleasure and enjoyment from this, or else find that they have an undiscovered talent."

John Green

Through the wide range of clubs on offer, we hope to help students develop qualities, skills, and values that stay with them for life. From Greenpower to Fencing and the Debating Club, there is something for everyone, and we’re always happy to consider new suggestions!

Clubs & Activities

Commemorating the life and work of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Seaford's community commemorated the life and work of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II