Scholarships and Bursaries


Our School motto is ‘Ad Alta’ – ‘To the Heights’, and we believe our Scholarship Programme reflects our ambition for our most able and talented students. At Seaford we offer ‘Ad Alta’ scholarships in Music, Drama, Dance, Sport, Art, and DT as well as in the core academic subjects – English, Maths, and Science. These scholarships are applied for at 11+, 13+, and 16+ for all external and internal applicants (DT is not available at 11+).

All Scholarships are offered up to 10% fee remission for students (at our Headmaster’s discretion).

All candidates will be interviewed by our Headmaster, John Green, for 13+ and 16+.  Our Head of Prep School Alastair Brown will interview for 11+.

Where potential recipients of Scholarships are in need of further discounted fees, they must make an application through a means tested bursary application. It should be noted that the College, through its Outreach Programme, is actively seeking to offer significant financial assistance to outstanding candidates from the maintained sector who would not otherwise be able to attend; this applies particularly to Sports Scholarships.

There is a limited amount of bursarial funding available, which is awarded at the discretion of the Governors following the recommendation of the Headmaster.

scholarships booklet

If you have any further queries, please contact:

Julie Mackay
Admissions Secretary
Seaford College
Petworth, West Sussex, GU28 0NB. T: 01798 867456
F: 01798 867606

11+ Scholarship

Key Dates 2020

Thursday 6th February

Music, Drama, & Dance Scholarships

Friday 7th February

Sports Scholarships

Monday 10th - Tuesday 11th February

Academic Scholarship Exams

Tuesday 11th February

Art Scholarships


The Application Deadline for 11+ Scholarships is Friday 10th January 2020.

13+ Scholarship

Key Dates 2020

Friday 24th January

Sports Scholarships

Monday 24th February

Art & Design Technology Scholarships

Tuesday 25th February

Music & Drama Scholarships

Wednesday 26th February

Dance Scholarships

Tuesday 6th - Wednesday 7th May

Academic Scholarship Exams

The Application Deadline for 13+ Scholarships is Saturday 30th  November 2019.

16+ Scholarship

Key Dates 2020

Monday 2nd March

Art & Design Technology Scholarships

Tuesday 3rd March

Sports Scholarships

Wednesday 4th March

Music & Drama Scholarships

Thursday 5th March

Dance Scholarships


The Application Deadline for 16+ Scholarships is Saturday 30th November 2019.