Prep School

The curriculum at Seaford Prep School is about discovery, a sense of adventure, and a spirit of excitement and fun.

Our commitment is to provide the best possible learning environment so that students can reach their potential.

There is a tendency in education these days for fun and learning to be viewed as mutually exclusive, whereas I think the two are very much united. You can’t achieve successful learning without happy children who are having fun. Academic success is a by-product of a good education not the sole focus."

Alastair Brown, Head of Prep School

In Years 1–5, the students at Seaford College Prep School are given opportunities to explore and engage in a wide range of activities. We create a stimulating and happy environment, provide a broad, relevant, differentiated, and fun curriculum, and encourage positive and enquiring attitudes to learning. We truly make use of the environment here at Seaford College, having weekly Forest School lessons to encourage a love of the environment and a curiosity towards the natural world.

Students have a form teacher who is responsible for teaching a significant portion of the curriculum, but even at this age we have specialist teachers in Spanish, Drama, Music, ICT, DT, PSHE, History, PE, and Games. We monitor each student's progress through continual assessment and evaluation.

We think it’s hugely important to promote close partnerships with parents, neighbouring schools, and the local community.

In Year 6, the students make greater use of the facilities available right across the School. They enjoy an increased level of responsibility, whilst continuing to access a broad and fun curriculum. The students grow in confidence and approach School life not as a chore but with enthusiasm and a desire to learn.

In Years 7 and 8, our students will develop an excellent grounding in a broad range of subjects. The multi-sensory approach combined with the superb teaching facilities of the College means that they have every opportunity to achieve their goals. This means that the transition from the Prep School to the Senior School is seamless.

Without the burden of a Common Entrance syllabus, the students enjoy a dynamic, rounded curriculum, which is designed to keep a wide variety of options open for all students.

The aim of the curriculum in Years 7 and 8 is to give the students experience of a broad base of subjects.

In the School day these subjects are taught to all:

Core: English, Maths, Science, and MFL.

Humanities: History, Geography, RS. All core and humanities subjects promote Literacy and Numeracy. This will involve sensitive spelling correction and encouragement in Numeracy.  Lessons will also promote spiritual, moral, social, and cultural development

Creative Curriculum: Art, Design & Technology, PE, Music, ICT.

PSHE is taught through a weekly Tutor period. Students have lessons in PSHE subjects including bullying and cyber bullying, eating and exercise, friendships and relationships, and sexual health.

Games: Three sessions each week including one afternoon of competitive matches on a Wednesday.

MFL: The MFL team give all students at Seaford Prep the opportunity to pursue a language. Students study both Spanish and French. 

Setting by ability: Every effort is made to set the core subjects and MFL. This is done on the basis of CAT tests on entry as well as other prior attainment data and is flexible to allow for improvements. 

Homework (Prep): This should amount to approximately 50 minutes each evening in Years 7–8. It is completed at School, under supervision, from 4.30pm–5.25pm every evening. Staff, gap students and personnel from the LSU are on hand to provide support and guidance.

Team sports and Prefect responsibilities provide both team building and leadership skill opportunities in Years 7 and 8.

A co-curricular activities programme offers:

  • A range of evening activities for boarders. Sport, films, and trips.
  • Main School activities such as Archery, Fencing etc.
  • Musical Activities: Orchestra, Choir, Rock Band, and Music Technology.
  • Saturday morning activities: Golf Academy, Clay Pigeon Shooting, Tennis Academy, Mountain Biking, Canoeing, Climbing.
  • Greenpower Car building and Racing.

SpLD lessons: These are once each week as per the School’s policy, and are typically one-to-one lessons with a specialist teacher. 

Chapel: All Prep School students attend Chapel once each week. The Prep School Choir sings at these services.

Assemblies & Tutor periods: There are two full Prep School assemblies each week. Tutors meet with their tutees for registration each day in the morning and after lunch.

Enrichment: A number of functions are built into the Prep School year to encourage confidence, support for others, manners, and behaviour. These include the Christmas performance, lunchtime musical concerts, and the formal Graduation Dinner for Year 8s. 

Academic Enrichment (previously known as Gifted & Talented): Any student identified as a more able learner is given extra challenges and the stretch they need. Such students are identified, monitored by the Academic Enrichment team, and are generally supported through imaginative use of the co-curricular time, or through differentiation.


The Creative Arts are a major strength at Seaford. Every student in the Prep School is encouraged to develop their creative skills in Art, DT, Music, and Drama, both in lesson time and through the extra-curricular activities on offer to them. The School is always looking to expand this aspect of daily life and give the students a broad range of opportunities that are fun and engaging.

Music is particularly strong and there is a large Prep School Choir that performs in local music festivals. Students are encouraged to play a musical instrument and this is supported through in-class music lessons throughout their time in the Prep School. 

Drama too plays a key role in the Prep School Curriculum. LAMDA is a popular option for a number of students who have individual lessons. At the end of the Christmas Term, the Prep School variety show offers students the chances to show off their talents. The Summer Term musical is a very popular, and high quality, end to the year.

Art & Design is one of the School’s flagship departments. All Prep School students have the opportunity to learn the skills of Design & Technology with a wide range of projects. Plastics, woodwork, and metalwork skills are taught as students move through the age groups. In Years 7 and 8, students get an opportunity to take part in the Greenpower Car racing at Goodwood.

Years 1-6 curriculum booklet

Our next Open Morning is on Saturday 21st September, 9-11am. 

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