Academic Tracking

In the academic curriculum, we believe that effective teaching in lessons and targeted prep will enable students to achieve their aims in all curriculum subjects.

We recognise that each student is at the heart of the process and that inspiring each individual to be the very best they can possibly be is the key to a student reaching their potential.

However, tracking the progress your child is making at school can often be a difficult task. To make things simple, Seaford College has introduced the Challenge Grades system throughout the School. This is a reporting system that is updated regularly to track progress, and at any time a student, parent, or teacher can log on and instantly review their own/their child’s/their student's most recent reports through a dedicated portal.


Every student is set a Challenge Grade at the beginning of the year. These Challenge Grades aren’t a predicted grade, but a measure of potential, and they provide ambitious yet realistic targets for students to work towards. The Grades are assigned on the basis of nationally bench-marked data, and predictions about future performance are made on the basis of how similar students have performed in the past. We are proud to offer an inclusive environment where each individual is known and valued and given attention and respect.

Challenge Grades are, essentially, a measure of potential. It’s what we think a student can achieve if they work hard. Therefore, Challenge Grades are ambitious but realistic. By introducing more regular tracking and reporting we are confident every student will have the best opportunity to realise their academic personal bests.

We use a colour coded visual dashboard, making it easy to understand and follow. If a student is working at a level that puts them on the right path to achieving their Challenge Grade by the end of the course, they will be awarded a Green. Platinum and Gold indicate impressive attainment and progress. Amber indicates that a student is slightly off track and may need to be monitored and supported positively, whereas a Red indicates that intervention and positive support may be required.

Over the course of the year, we alternate between Snap Shot Reports, with an overview of how students are progressing relative to the Challenge Grades set in each subject, and Full Challenge Grade reports, which contain more in depth comments from subject teachers.

Our aim is to educate the whole person: to nurture individuality and an acceptance of others’ strengths and weaknesses, to develop initiative and an enquiring mind – a hunger for life. A typical Seafordian will be an articulate, confident and well-rounded young person."

John Green, Headmaster