Rupert Blackwell celebrates his GCSE results

Rupert Blackwell with Seaford's Director of Sport Liam DoublerCongratulations to Rupert Blackwell on his exam results. He achieved three 9s, two 8s, 7,6 & two 5s.

“It was so daunting having three years of your education culminated onto a piece of paper. I am elated” he told us after he had opened his results.

Rupert likes the fact that the teachers are just as happy as the students!

The biggest surprise for Rupert was Physics. Having got a 4 in his mock he went on to achieve an 8. “It was Mr Follows. I can’t thank him enough. After the mock he went through with me what had gone wrong. I did extra sessions and put the work in”.

Rupert is a keen athlete at Seaford, having beaten a few long-standing records in javelin and the 200m. He doesn’t underestimate its impact. “The balance is so important. It doesn’t matter how smart you are, if you have no balance then you will crash”. He is quick to point out that the teachers recognise this need for balance too and is thankful that they don’t want you to drop sport in favour of your academic study.

“I love Seaford because the undying support and care shown from both teachers and students alike”

Rupert will be staying at Seaford to study Biology, Economics and History. He knows it will get harder but is looking forward to being able to focus on less subjects and getting a greater depth of understanding. But today, he is off to celebrate by taking his little brother swimming!