Principal Aims

Seaford College aims to provide a distinctive and inclusive educational experience in which individual pupils are known, have the opportunity to discover themselves, are valued for their particular contribution, and are prepared for life. On leaving the College, each pupil will be a confident, articulate, well-rounded young person.

The College aims to use its resources to provide, and enhance, educational, spiritual, cultural and social opportunities within the local community.

 More specifically we aim to: 

  • Promote a close relationship between home and school in a partnership for education.
  • Provide opportunities in cultural, social, sporting, and co-curricular activities for pupils to discover their strengths, and to develop resourcefulness and leadership skills.
  • Develop a caring, tolerant, supportive community, in a Christian context, where each pupil is valued as an individual. Pupils should appreciate and respect other cultures.
  • Develop strong relationships between staff and pupils that will encourage confidence, self-discipline, responsibility and a common sense of purpose.
  • Create a love of learning in an environment where expectations are high, children are supported, where a variety of teaching styles are employed and pupils’ performance is monitored and enhanced across the full ability range.
  • Promote a concern for the environment and an involvement in charitable giving both locally and abroad.
  • Provide specialist support for pupils with Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and Dyscalculia in a mainstream school context.