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No.46 share their 5 Tips for Practising Self-Care.




The theme for World Mental Health Day 2023 is ‘Mental Health is a universal human right’ and the day is about raising mental health awareness.  
Jo Forman (Assistant Head - Safeguarding & Resilience, DSL), Mark Bernhardt (Safeguarding, Wellbeing & Resilience Lead, DDSL) and Sarah Adams (Student Support, Wellbeing and Admin Assistant) at No.46 (Seaford’s centre for Wellbeing) are sharing their 5 Tips for Practising Self-Care. Why don’t you take a look and try something new.  
5 Tips for Practising Self-Care:
1. Take a deep breath (two in fact!) using the Physiological Sigh  
2. Meet up with a friend in 'real life'  
3. Cold showers – a great start to the day  
4. A problem shared, is a problem halved  
5. Control the 'monkey in your brain' - speak to yourself!  



Jo Forman, Seaford’s Director of Safeguarding, Wellbeing and Resilience, said: “Pastoral care and wellbeing is embedded in Seaford’s culture. Everyone plays their part in this on a daily basis. 
Seaford's wellbeing programme is embedded in everything we do, and it is the interactions that our staff and students have with each other on a daily basis that makes the difference. Crucially our pastoral and wellbeing initiatives are tailored to the students, and offer flexibility according to need and what works. 
Our message for World Mental Health Awareness Day is that we are here to listen and to make students feel heard. If you’d like to talk, I encourage you to identify someone that you feel comfortable with and ask them for a chat.” 

No.46 was shortlisted for the Independent Schools of the Year 2023 for Wellbeing.


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