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Warhammer Club was oversubscribed within one term. Never has a club at Seaford seen such growth within a term of being launched.  Mr Cooper tapped into the minds of students who like building and painting models and strategy games.  He said: "The club has reignited my childhood passion for Warhammer.  We're now at a stage where everyone in the club understands the rules and we're having good battles each week. It's a fun way to round off the week and I enjoy seeing the students develop and grow, even if some weeks it can get a bit hectic!"  

Mr Cooper's classroom has a Warhammer area for models and he can often be seen taking a few  moments to himself at the end of a busy day, to build and paint some models.  

Parents have loved seeing their children learn about Warhammer.  It provides a great break from being on  screen based technology. The game requires modelling and painting skills along with promoting strategy, fair play and team-building activities.

Mrs Crossley has even suggested a school trip to Warhammer World!  Mr Christiansen said: "Well done Mr Cooper. They love it."  Mrs Griffiths added: "They love it and what a great idea to reenact D-Day, thank you Mr Cooper."

We're looking forward to seeing how the club progresses over the coming year.  #lovetolearn