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Tilly tells us what it was like moving from London to join Seaford.

For her Seaford Connected Learning work, Tilly Cook wrote about her experience moving from London to West Sussex to start school at Seaford.  This was for her English lesson task 'My memorable moment from the past'.

My memorable moment from the past- Moving by Tilly Cook

The morning came, the last day of school before summer. I remember waking up very sad because I would be leaving my friends that I made over the past two years and moving down to West Sussex. I knew this would be a great opportunity for me and my family, but I couldn't bear the thought of leaving my friends behind. The countryside is nothing like I had ever imagined in my dreams and real life. I had lived in London since the day I was born, and I remember being completely shocked when my mum and dad told me we were leaving for good. I was such a London girl: going shopping every day, eating out for dinner and never going on walks but that all changed.

On the last day, my mum bought me a pack of sharpies so everyone could write on my shirt and I brought in a plastic bag to empty my locker. It was very hard for me to imagine not coming back after the summer holidays and hugging all my friends because we all missed each other. I probably cried at least five times throughout the day because my closest friends made me a huge card of the kindest words which I still have in my draw. All-day I felt off, at lunch, I barely touched my food because the thought of it being my last school lunch there made me sick. When tutor at the end of the day finished, I clearly remember picking up my bags and walking up to the school gates crying my eyes out. Looking back it was hard but worth it, because I'm the happiest I've ever been at Seaford and made friends I will have for life.

Moving into my new house was a great experience and very smooth. Many of our family friends and school friends came and visited me and I feel like it brought me closer to them in a weird way. I turned into a girl who loved her weekend dog walks with her family and enjoyed being outside in nature unlike in London. I would go on runs and long dog walks willingly which also helps my health and fitness. I feel like I changed for the better moving down the West Sussex and I have made many new friends. 

 A week before school I went to pre-season hockey training and straight away made instant connections to girls, I'm best friends with now, the hockey helped to connect to people who have the same hobbies and interests. This also helped me on the first day of school at Seaford because before I didn't know a single soul coming from London and having no one from my school joining with me like many others in our year had but after hockey, I had many familiar, friendly faces welcoming me.

On the first day, I instantly knew this was the right school for me and I felt like I belonged to a community, with good friends and teachers. Seaford had a completely different atmosphere to my old school, and I would say it outshined it. I loved the sports facilities, the acres of land, and the view from the mansion. I never thought that I wouldn't miss London here I am not even thinking about the past.

I started off being sad and scared of the upcoming events and the new experience like school, and I ended up being happier than ever. I made friends quickly and ended up not wanting to come home on the first day. Moving was the best experience and memorable event of my life and now I never look back at what my past was like in London.

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