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Sophie achieved seven 9s and three 8s (7 A** and 3 A*)


How do you feel about your results?

I feel ecstatic!  I got seven 9s and three 8s (7 A** and 3 A*).

What are you doing next?

I'm taking Maths, Combined English Literature and Language, and French at A Level and I aspire to read modern languages at university.

When did you join Seaford?

I joined Seaford in Year 9.

How has Seaford developed you as a person?

I’ve improved when working under pressure and have learned to prioritise.

What support has Seaford given you to achieve?

Knowing that my teachers were attentive to my strengths and areas for improvement.

Has any particular member/s of staff helped you get these results?

Mrs Roberts remained eagle-eyed for improvements and advice, no matter how unbearably long my essays were! Ms Martin went out of her way to reach out and help me when I struggled and Mr Canavan brought a cheerful face and infinite patience to every lesson, even when he gave us the hardest of physics problems!

Tell us about your extracurricular success.

I took bronze and silver Duke of Edinburgh, I really enjoyed the experience.

If you’re a boarder, did boarding help you to get these results?

Seaford allocates an hour and a half of prep each night and this helped me to stay on track and always be on time with my prep.

Do you have a memorable event or experience that you’re happy to share?

I won the Christmas Mansion boarders’ gingerbread house competition two years in a row with my friend Lily.

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

I love Seaford because it’s supportive and pushes you to do your best without building an over-competitive and pressurising atmosphere.


Sophie's proud mum wanted to thank everyone at Seaford.

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