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Years 7 – 9 took part in Shakespeare workshops and watched a performance by the Rubbish Shakespeare Company.

They found out a bit about Romeo and Juliet and discovered that, far from being rubbish, Shakespeare is silly and funny. In the workshops they learnt about characters and settings and created tableaux of scenes from Romeo and Juliet. In the Year 9 workshops, students got a chance to direct the actors in a scene from the play, exploring different ways to highlight aspects of Shakespeare’s tragic play. It was a fabulous experience!

The children had a wonderful time. Immy Stanley-Evans from Year 7 said: “Four actors turned up with a couple of wigs, a bottle of water and a few signs. Although they had very little, the performance was extremely good and stuck in my mind for a long time. It was funny, exciting and a very good retelling for people who might find Shakespeare boring.”

Finlay Ronnie told us: “They used four male actors because in Shakespeare’s day they only had male actors. It was very funny, energetic and lively. The workshop was good because they got us involved and I personally learned a lot about Romeo and Juliet.”

Greg Doyle loved the humour: “They were very silly, doing different voices and characters and using a lot of slapstick comedy like chucking sausage rolls at each other – it was very funny and involved the audience.”

Amy Allison said: “The performance was energetic and fun with a few silly moments. They made sure to involve the audience as much as possible. They got people up on the stage or came and sat beside people in the audience. They made the play funny and understandable.”


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Seaford College Shakespeare Workshop
Seaford College Shakespeare Workshop
Seaford College Shakespeare Workshop
Seaford College Shakespeare Workshop