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Our hugely popular Recycling Sale initiative by Seaford parents.



Seaford’s Green and sustainable initiatives are driven by students, staff, parents and our wider community throughout the year. A fantastic parent initiative is our regular school uniform recycling sales.

We could not do the Recycling Sales without our parent volunteers. John Green, Headmaster, said: Thank you to Susan Payne and all our parents for their immense job in setting up the Recycling Sale concept - and Seaford and I shall always be incredibly grateful.”

The initiative has been led by Susan Payne and she said: “The Recycling Sales enable a more sustainable use of school kit across all areas: school uniform, sports gear and equipment. Recycling is the only way forward to reduce textile and other waste.

I am so pleased the school has not only supported this effort but embraced it. It has made many parents very pleased for multiple reasons.

Big things start with small steps.”