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A spectacular trip to Iceland.



David Willcox, Teach of Geography, ran a spectacular trip to Iceland for Year 10-12 students. David said: “It was a really positive chance for the students to engage in the curriculum outside of the lesson, in a fun and entertaining environment. We went to the lava show in Reykjavik, which is the only place in the world where you can witness the lava, it comes out around about 1100 degrees, and then you see it cool and condense, it's a really cool experience.

Our first night was in Reykjavik, the next day we saw two of the major waterfalls and the glacier. I was fortunate enough when I was at school to go to Iceland, and I saw the glacier about eight years ago, and it's quite frightening how much it's changed over that period, it’s a sign of the current circumstances that we're living in.

We stayed in Vik and then the next day we went to the Secret Lagoon, which is a geothermal hot spring and to the national park, and then we also saw the geyser, it’s a really exciting. geographical landform. We managed to get a large amount done in a relatively short period of time and the students really enjoyed it.”

Thank you to the Year 10 students who spoke to us about their experiences on the trip. Eva Fields-Baumber said: “My favourite place was the Secret Lagoon it was really hot and relaxing. I would recommend the trip to future years, it was more than just education, it was fun to go away with friends and experience a new country.”


Eva Elliott added: “My favourite places were in the Golden Circe with the waterfalls, geysers. I will never forget the anticipation of seeing the geysers erupt, it was so amazing. It was a great trip and it’s like having a practical because you’re seeing and learning about what you learn in lessons. It was also nice to be snowy conditions as well.”



James Fox said: “We didn’t have any grip on our shoes, so we had to help each other in the icy conditions. My favourite part of the trip was the snowball fight on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.”



Ben Twigger added: “My favourite part of the trip was the waterfalls because they’re beautiful. I liked seeing how the rocks formed and eroded around the waterfalls, you can see the different colours of the rocks in each layer which is kind of cool. I loved the snowball fight and sliding around on the ice and being on the trip with friends, it’s an amazing country and I’d like to go back to one day.”

The Geography department are looking forward to planing future trips.


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