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Celebrating academic success!

Arina Hayryan, from Year 12, has just found out that she's been shortlisted, after submitting an essay in January, to the New College of Humanities Essay Competition.  Her essay was: "Which problems will economists need to solve within the next 20 years and will artificial intelligence help them?".

James Gisby, Head of History & Oxbridge Advisor, said: "This is an amazing achievement. There have been 5,000 applicants and they only shortlist 150.  It's a shame that Arina has been shortlisted in a Covid-19 year, as normally the shortlisted students attend a dinner and awards ceremony. We also found out yesterday that Tom Jillians has also been shortlisted. I'm so proud of them!"

In his Oxbridge advisory role, James suggests to all of our potential Oxbridge students (of which Arina is one) to enter essay competitions. 

Jon Jones, Head of Year 12, said: "Arina has been so impressive since she arrived at the start of the year, she’s excelling academically and has even started an Economics Club at College – her idea, her club. I'm really pleased for both her and Tom Jillian's, they both work really hard and it's great to see them get recognition at this level."

Seaford's Headmaster, John Green, added: "This is fantastic news, well done Arina!".

To find out more about Academic Enrichment at Seaford, follow the link: Academic Enrichment

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