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You can watch the tournament using the live stream links on this blog


Simeone Compton, Assistant Director of Sports and Head of Netball, previews this Saturday’s (2nd March) Seaford Southern 7s Netball Tournament, and what’s coming up later in the term.

The college’s 1st and 2nd teams will be taking part in the event, being held this year at the University of Chichester from 1.30pm, along with 16 other school teams from across the region.

“The girls are going to be competing at a really high level this weekend, so it will be a great experience for them,” said Simeone.

Good luck to everyone involved. We are looking forward to welcoming all the visiting teams and supporters. If you can’t make it to Chichester, the tournament live stream link is here: https://www.youtube.com/live/zMZZKe3kekg?si=qYimGCEfZ3U25iec

Ad Alta to the Seaford teams, enjoy every moment!




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