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Seaford offers an extensive club list for students to enjoy.



Students from the Prep School have been taking part in weekly dissections during Friday prep sessions. They have looked at the structure and functions of the kidney and the anatomy of a frog - which they thoroughly enjoyed. This week we have been dissecting squids to identify the key features. 

When asked what his favourite part of dissection club was Oliver, Year 7 said: "I like that you can learn about the life of different animals, get straight into it and have fun with friends." 

Amy, Year 7: "I find it fun to be able to look at real internal structures." 


Rose Hancock and Oliver Bagley from our Sixth Form help out at our dissection club. Giving back is a big part of our culture and Sixth Form students supporting our Prep students is a great example of this. 
Oliver Bagley said: "I enjoy helping out at the prep sessions. It allows me to encourage younger years to gain an interest in Biology, a subject that I love." 






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