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Students love learning about coding at our Prep School


Years 1-6 have timetabled computing lessons with Toby Cutler, Prep Teacher with Computing. Toby said: “Last year we had quite a big investment in Computing in the Prep School. We have bought Lego kits, and the Year 1-5 children love building Lego models using instructions on their iPads and then coding them with the iPad.

Students love bringing their coding to life with the Lego models and it’s a great way to learn about coding and seeing the results of what they have coded e.g. go forwards, turn and stop. They learn from their mistakes and debug and this embeds the learning in a fun way. I have been really impressed with this Year 2 class today.

In Year 6, we do block coding to start off with in games on our online platform, and then we move onto Python coding, which is a different coding language, is more complex, which leads into what they're doing in Year 7. Year 7 and 8 students have their classes in the Senior School with Mr Crook and his team.”

Imogen, Year 6 said: “I find it fun, and the coding just makes sense. I like it because I like interacting with my iPad in Computing lessons.” Thomas added: “I like doing maths with coding and I will use it in the future for websites, apps and things like that.”


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