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Our Politics & History teacher Alison Thomas announced the results of Seaford Mock Election today.  

The results were as follows:

Conservative 48.03% with 317 votes

Green 19.24% with 127 votes

Lib-Dem 13.79% with 91 votes

Independent 8.64% with 57 votes

Labour 7.58% with 50 votes

Spoiled papers 2.72%, 18 votes


We had a turnout of 86%.  Well done to everyone who turned up to vote in our Mock Election and to all of the candidates and their campaign teams who stood for a party.  Many voters told us that they were swayed/nearly swayed by your convincing arguments.  Here's our montage video of the Mock Election.

Seaford College has registered our Mock Election results on the Hansard Society nationwide poll. 




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