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The Seaford College Careers Network is aimed at connecting alumni with mentors in their chosen field


Seaford College is today launching an exciting new careers programme that will have long-term benefits for the school’s alumni – and we'd love Old Seafordians to get involved.

We’re pleased to announce the first two mentors for the Seaford College Careers Network – veterinary nurse Kate Burroughs and film & TV production coordinator Roland Montgomery.

The Seaford College Careers Network is aimed at connecting alumni seeking advice with those who have experience in different fields of employment and education.

These days, there are so many different paths into careers, and being able to connect with someone in the know can be hugely beneficial, even life changing. That’s why we have decided to create the Seaford College Careers Network.

In short, we are looking for Old Seafordians who are willing, from time to time, to give careers advice to Seaford alumni. The plan is that those seeking the advice would be able to contact a ‘mentor’ in their chosen field via the alumni website.

Those seeking careers advice might be intending to go into law, engineering, finance, academia, land management, marketing, the military or dozens of other professions. Or they might want to do a master’s or PhD. Or they might like to chat to a university student about what their undergraduate course is like, or to someone doing an apprenticeship.

If you’re able to give a few minutes of your time every now and then to help former Seaford College students seeking careers advice, we’d love to hear from you. Contact from those looking for advice would initially be made by email only.

To register your interest and the type of help you could offer, please go to https://seafordalumni.org/.../register-interest-to-be-a... , log in and complete the short form. If you’re an Old Seafordian, and you haven’t registered on the alumni site, you can sign up on https://seafordalumni.org.

The information you submit will help us to build an online careers portal on the Old Seafordian website. It only takes a few minutes, but could help to change someone’s life forever.

You can also register your interest by emailing: alumni@seaford.org letting us know your area of expertise and some CV highlights.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Seaford College Careers Network team.

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