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A fabulous day of cricket at Seaford in the sunshine.



Seaford College Boys’ Cricket 1st XI recently played out a hard-fought draw in their prestigious annual match again the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC).

It was a fabulous occasion, with most of the College’s cricketers wearing the Seaford cap for the last time against the MCC.

The MCC is the world’s most active cricket club, the owner of Lord’s Ground and the guardian of the Laws of the game. It’s a tradition every year that Seaford’s 1st XI plays the MCC. Head of Cricket at Seaford, Chris Adams, said: “This fixture speaks volumes in tradition. It’s also a really good test of our team, which has been the best in my time at the College.”

Dan Joseph, MCC Captain and Seaford Sport Coach, said: “Because it’s a declaration game, the boys have longer in the field to understand the nuances of the game, like field settings and when to declare. It’s similar to test match format cricket.”

Charlie Tear, Seaford Boys’ 1st team captain, said it was a real honour to lead the team out against such an iconic side. “Games like these give an opportunity for everyone to develop,” he said. “We’re playing against men, so the standard is higher, and everyone raises their game.”

Seaford is looking forward to welcoming the MCC back to the College in 2023.


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