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Alistair Petrie and James Griffiths discuss their careers 

Alistair Petrie and James Griffiths discussed their careers in the Film, Television and Theatre industry with Seaford students at our Performing Arts Seminars.

Head of Drama, John Johnson said: "We are so fortunate that professionals working in the Film, Television and Theatre industry offered to impart their knowledge and experience to students at Seaford College.  Both James Griffiths and Alistair Petrie are passionate about the industries that they work in and it was wonderful for our pupils to hear about their pathway into training and now working professionally.  Our students at Seaford love to learn and I was so impressed with their attendance to the seminars as well as their questions which were insightful and drew out such interesting answers from both James and Alistair."

Isobel Black, Year 11, who attended all sessions added: "These Wednesday sessions have been incredibly inspiring and eye opening concerning the world of performing arts and what can be achieved. The sessions with Mr James Griffiths included interesting points of what can be expected during our careers and what paths you can take. Mr Petrie talked about the ups and downs in his own career up to where he is now, whilst also providing us with the expectations of this industry and how we can prepare ourselves to be knocked down but also to be picked back up."

Seaford's Headmaster, John Green, said: "These session were amazing and incredibly informative. I really enjoyed listening to them.  Thank you to John Johnson for organising these sessions."


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