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Videos from our Sports Scholars reflecting on their experience lockdown

We hear from our Sports Scholars about what they have gained during the Connected Learning period with Seaford Sport:

During the Seaford Connected Learning period we have been delivering weekly live tutorials and lectures for all of our Sports Scholars.  Each week we check in from a holistic perspective and then introduce a topic. All scholars are set pre-session tasks to prepare for each topic. This has been for our 11+ - Young Athlete Mentoring Programme, our 13+ - Developing Athlete Programme, and our 16+ - Performance Athlete Programme.

The lecture series started with a session on - What does it mean to be a Sports Scholar at Seaford College?

Following from that we have then introduced the following topics:

•             Nutrition in Sport

•             Goal setting for Sport & Life

•             Mental Strength in Sport

•             Pressure in Sport

•             Decision making & anticipation in Sport

•             Leadership in Sport

•             Motivation in Sport

•             Self Confidence / Efficacy

•             Group Dynamics in Sport

•             Team Culture

•             The Culture of Seaford Sport