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Our Head of History, James Gisby, has put together a fantastic Academic Enrichment programme for Seaford Connected Learning and it has been very popular with students.

Our Head of History, James Gisby, has put together a fantastic Academic Enrichment programme for Seaford Connected Learning and it has been very popular with students. 

James gave the first session, The History Enrichment Lecture – ‘Who's Coming to Dinner?’

Other sessions have included:

Seaford Lecture: Philosophy and Religion, presented by Seaford’s Chaplain, Father Colin.  This was for Years 7 to 11 and the the aim was to work with some fellow students to debate which of the seven deadliest sins presents the biggest threat to humanity and the world.

Seaford Lecture: Rwanda, presented: by Head of English, Mr Finniear. This was for Years 8-13. And focussed on 1994 when around a million Rwandans died in a genocide that lasted 100 days. Find out what happened and what life is like in Rwanda now.

Seaford Lecture: Do Not Kill Creativity, presented by Head of Drama, Mr Johnson.  This lecture was for Years 7 to 13.


Coming Up:

There are more lectures coming up over the next few weeks. Head to the Firefly page to join the lecture: https://seaford.fireflycloud.net/academic-enrichment

Wednesday 10th June - 4.30pm - 5.30pm

Seaford Lecture: Creative Writing Seminar

Presenter: Mr Vernon

Who is this for? Years 7 to 13

Mr Vernon will be leading a seminar session on Creative Writing exploring writing for pleasure and how to create interesting and engaging pieces of work.


Wednesday 17th June - 4.30pm - 5.30pm

Seaford Lecture: Why was the Spitfire such a great aeroplane?

Presenter: Mr Hypher

Who is this for? Years 7 to 13

For Engineering, Aeronautical, Physics and History fanatics, Mr Hypher will be delivering a fascinating session on the British RAF Second World War Plane, the Spitfire, and what made it such an effective aircraft.


Wednesday 24th June- 4.30pm-5.30pm

Seaford Lecture: Mathematical modelling of infectious diseases

Presenter: Dr Pothecary

Who is this for: Year 7-13

Dr Pothecary will be exploring how Mathematical modelling is used with relations to infectious diseases. A must for anybody who wants to gain a greater grasp for those daily statistics and what they actually mean.


More about Academic Enrichment at Seaford

Our Headmaster, John Green, introduced an Academic Enrichment Programme at Seaford.  Academically gifted pupils are identified in subject areas and are stretched to explore beyond the curriculum by their teachers. A centralised programme enhances this aim by providing opportunity to attend additional talks, workshops, and coaching.

All of our students are constantly monitored as to the progress they are making, and this enables the academically gifted groups to be constantly targeted and progress reviewed. Sixth Form students are also given one-to-one time with the Head of Department in the subject that they wish to specialise in. Groups are constantly reviewed through the use of data and teacher testimony, as well as through talking to the students and their parents.

As part of the programme, Seaford College puts together a broad range of events and activities that enable them to further stretch themselves, such as trips to university lectures in different subjects, debates, and public speaking competitions.

Whilst Seaford College identifies particular students for inclusion in the programme, we are also very inclusive, and the door is open to anyone with a particular academic interest to get involved. James Gisby's Seaford Connected Learning lectures have been open to anyone, in the relevant year groups, to take part.