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This year's theme for Safer Internet Day across the United Kingdom was: Inspiring change? Making a difference, managing influence and navigating change online.

Toby Cutler, Prep Teacher with Computing said: “We had various events throughout the week for Safer Internet Day. On Monday, the Prep School had an assembly talking about how technology has changed/evolved, why it is good and important and how to keep safe while online. Over the week, Years 1-6 students have focused on online safety in PSHE and in Computing lessons. Year 7 students have been looking at online safety in their personal development time and Year 8 have recently finished online safety learning.


As a school we want to impart the positive uses of technology and the internet upon the students as it is, and will be, a large part of their life with technology developing at a rapid rate. We also need to make sure children have the knowledge and understanding of online risks to make the right choices to keep themselves safe. We also emphasise the importance of speaking to someone if something were to go wrong while online and sign post the right people to get help from.”



If you would like to know more about keeping children safe online visit these pages or speak to a member of staff and we can point you in the right direction: