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Congratulations to all of the students who took part in the National UK Junior Maths Challenge.





Congratulations to our Year 7&8 students who secured awards in the national UK Junior Maths Challenge this term. KS3 Maths Coordinator, Salma El Amin, who organised the event said: “Well done to all of the students who took part. We introduced the challenge as it provides a stimulating and rewarding experience for all students, and mathematical enrichment beyond the school curriculum. Students competed against over 700,000 students nationally. It’s a multiple choice challenge that encourages reasoning, precision, and fluency. Students really enjoyed the preparation and the challenge on the day, further developing their problem solving skills.

Congratulations to all students who participated and to those who were awarded certificates.



Year 7

Silver: Ty Bourne, Coco Smithers & Alfie Teasel 

Bronze: Max Coult, William Goodyear, Morgan Kyte & Flora Resouly


Year 8

Silver: Felicity Gadd & Oliver Hume

Bronze: John Barran, Sebby Garbett, Hannah Gruhn, Ben Twigger, Otis Wibaut & Isla Woodward




Standout performances were from Ty Bourne in Year 7 who achieved Best in Year, and Felicity Gadd who was awarded Best in School! Well done!"



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