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The Seaford community is making 400 Children's Lunch Boxes for the summer holidays.


As part of Seaford’s Summer Foodbank Appeal, Prep School students took part in an assembly yesterday morning all about the importance of donating food and what goes into each Children’s Lunch Box.

Many children in our local community are facing the summer holidays without access to free school meals, and the College is asking for donations to support the Foodbank charity with the aim of making up 400 food boxes on Thursday 30th June, as part of Seaford College's Community Action Day.

“The Children's Lunch Boxes will be distributed to kids from low-income families during the school holidays, as a substitute for their free school meals,” said Lara Stitt, Chair of Charity Committee. “This is a pinch point in the family budget and the boxes are a lifeline to those who need them.”

During the assembly, the Prep students looked at all the items contained in a single box and the sort of decisions that would need to be made when rationing the food. “Each box is meant to last 15 days, a three-week equivalent to what they would receive in school, so not including weekends,” said Lara. “The list of is donations specific, but the food needs to be as varied as possible.”

Two Year 6 students demonstrated rationing, for example, the breakfast cereal. If they put too much in a bowl, the cereal wouldn’t last the whole 15 days, and would mean the children would end up having to go without breakfast.

From now until Thursday 30th June, Seaford will be collecting the following items in these specified sizes:

· Cereals – 500g (approx.)

· Milk – 1 litre – semi-Skimmed

· Pasta sauce – 350g

· Jams, honey, and marmalade

· Chocolate spreads (no nuts)

· Tinned soup (variety)

· Tinned tomatoes

· Tinned baked beans or spaghetti hoops

· Tinned meat (variety – NO SPAM)

· Tinned vegetables (as varied as possible)

· Tinned custard

· Rice pudding

· Tinned fruit

· Tinned fish – tuna/salmon/pilchard/sardines

· Tinned potatoes

· Pasta – 1kg bag (or 2 x 500g)

· Rice (500g only)

· Biscuits

· Small treats – each box is allowed 3 only (any confectionery)

· Instant hot chocolate powder

Parents and students will be able to bring food into the College at any time. All food donations should be brought to the Johnson Centre where donors can use the car park there to unload goods. Please ensure all items are fully in date until the end of August 2022. Donations can be made during other school events, such as the performance of ‘Matilda’, Speech/Sports Day, etc.

“When we have completed our latest appeal, it will bring the total weight of food donated by Seaford College since 2019 to approximately 14,000kg,” said Lara.

In addition, if anyone would like to make a financial donation instead of donating food, please use these bank details:

Reference Code – ‘FOODBANK’

Barclays Bank

Sort: 20-97-74

Account: 13194841

The Seaford charity team will be visiting the local Chichester Bookers cash and carry, or local supermarkets, to purchase any additional items with the money donated.