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Well done to all the prefect applicants who took part in challenges which formed part of the selection process.

Following two days of Headmaster and senior team interviews last week, prefect applicants undertook a series of selection activities that were observed by staff and our senior prefect team.

The activities included:

• a people-oriented ‘minefield navigation’ task, designed to promote interdependence and robust communication skills.

• a cerebral, leaderless ‘mystery cell’ task, designed to stretch individuals and encourage the emergence of natural leaders.

• a team-oriented ‘toxic waste’ task, designed to provide all individuals an opportunity to shine within a challenging and evolving environment.

Ash Arya, Deputy Head, said: “The panel was immensely impressed by the calibre of applicants this year and the genuine passion they showed for Seaford and its ethos, along with the professionalism they demonstrated at interview.

“My sincere thanks to all parents who supported and encouraged their sons and daughters during the interview stage. Tuesday’s selection activities were demanding but hopefully enjoyable and memorable for all applicants. It was a real opportunity to work in small teams and solve problems in an unknown context and under a time constraint. Also, a big thank you to Major Plewes and Peter Bolton for making the day happen so successfully.


“We have designed our prefect selection process to be a positive and learning experience for all applicants and a variety of criteria is considered when appointing prefects which includes their conduct in Year 12, Ad Alta scores from academic reports, being on track academically, staff input (including key Sixth Form staff), senior prefect team input and co-curricular contribution as well as performance at interview and quality of their application.”

Good luck to all applicants.