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Being a prefect is a fantastic leadership opportunity.



Applications to become a school prefect are now open! 

In this video Ash Arya, Deputy Head explains the role of prefects at Seaford and application process. Ash said: “The role of a Seaford College prefect provides students with a unique opportunity for personal development and service to the school community. Our prefects are role models to all students in the College community and the role carries with it several privileges and responsibilities. Training is provided to all newly appointed prefects before they take up the role and ongoing training takes place as necessary. Students who take on this role should be keen to contribute and make a positive difference to the College. 




The personal qualities we expect from a prefect are: 

· Leadership 

· Positivity 

· Enthusiasm 

· Being approachable 

· Proactive communication 

· Being able to do the right thing 

· Challenging others to do the right thing 

· Commitment to the College and its expectations 


If you’re interested, please apply. Successful applicants will be invited to become a trainee prefect for the summer term of 2023-24 and appointed to full prefect status in September 2024 for the academic year 2024-25, subject to passing the probation period. 

Ad Alta everyone! 

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