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Izzy plans to do charity work in Sixth Form

Izzy learnt a lot over lockdown, she said: “Lockdown taught me something about myself. I put a lot of pressure on myself as a person, other people will just see the polished version of Izzy, going around doing her stuff. They don’t see the work that goes behind it and the fact that I put myself under a lot of pressure. But lockdown has taught me to try and release that pressure a bit. If you see what’s happened with the NHS staff, what’s happened behind the scenes, you realise how lucky you are in your life and how much you need to embrace what you have and relax.”

Izzy helped her mum with Hug a Hospital, a local charity set up during the pandemic. It’s taught Izzy that she can make a difference and she plans to get involved in more charity projects during her time in the Sixth Form.


Hug a Hospital can be found on Instagram @hugahospital

Izzy with her mum


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