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Our Year 8 students have enjoyed their CCF taster sessions this term.




Year 8 students keen to join Seaford CCF in Year 9 have been able to take advantage of a new initiative aimed at giving them a taste of life as a cadet.

The new recruits all joined the Royal Navy section and have recently been put through a varied and interesting programme of activities. These have included turnout and drill; roles and equipment of the Royal Navy; ropework and climbing; leadership tasks and the cadet swimming test and games session in the pool. 


Major Andrew Plewes RM – Contingent Commander of Seaford College CCF, said: “Our new CCF initiative of providing a few keen and motivated Year 8s with the opportunity of starting their cadet experience early has been a resounding success.

“They have been a really enthusiastic and fun group to work with, taking a keen interest in all the activities we have done. They also now have a great foundation of knowledge and experience to build on as they move on through the CCF at Seaford College”. 

These new cadets will now have the option of remaining in the Royal Navy Section or transferring to one of the other sections.




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