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At Seaford, we believe that every student in our community should love to learn – in the classroom, on the pitch, on stage or through the numerous enrichment opportunities we provide.

My name is Ash and I joined Seaford in September 2018 as the new Assistant Head in charge of Teaching & Learning. From my perspective, my role has this purpose: to work alongside teachers across the College and inspire students to love to learn so they achieve their personal bests.

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Highlights from this year

We launched ‘love to learn’

We didn’t need a marketing agency to come up with this. It’s the language we keep hearing time and time again from our students, parents and alumni. They kept using the phrase, “I love Seaford because...”. This described what we want in our community perfectly, both in and  out of the classroom.

We dropped in to over 150 lessons to take a pulse on our teaching and learning

A learning walk is an unannounced lesson drop-in lasting no more than five minutes over the course of a teaching period. Since September, I have conducted over 30 learning walks with teaching staff and have dropped in to over 150 lessons across the College. The quality of teaching has impressed me as well as the commitment of staff to creating a culture where students love to learn.

We trained each other so we can achieve our own personal best as teachers

All teachers participated in a staff training day on Friday 29th March, 2019. The day was internally hosted and fully delivered by Seaford teachers with sessions on delivering feedback, building relationships, helping recall and supporting students with specific needs.

We helped our students learn to study

Developing study skills is paramount to driving a love for learning. Our Personal Development programme, headed by Mr Yates, has this year seen several student and parent study skills sessions run for Year 10 and 11 as they prepare for their GCSEs.

We have developed processes to promote independent learning

Behind the scenes, we have been laying foundations to make independent learning a key metric in how we judge success. We have academic developments that will make ‘love to learn’ a natural habit for all our students on their journey to their personal bests.

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