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Jack is following his dream to be a jockey


Congratulations to Year 11 student Jack Dace who has been offered a place at the British Racing School (BRS) in Newmarket, after achieving a near-perfect result on his Pre-License Assessment.

Jack, who has wanted to be a jockey since he was 5 years old, will take up his place at the BRC this summer. The assessment tests 12 subject areas including riding and simulator skills, communication, racing knowledge, nutrition and lifestyle. Jack received full marks in all these areas, and an impressive 96% in his fitness assessment. He also received special mention about his etiquette, something which Jack's mum praises Seaford for nurturing.


Luke Dace, Jack's trainer, said: “This pre assessment was about Jack showing that he is mentally and physically prepared to take on an apprenticeship license to be a jockey. He has been picked to attend the two-week course in July and on passing that he will have his apprentice license to be riding on the racetrack come August.

“Jack’s approach to everything lately has been outstanding in revising for his GCSEs and completing an hour of fitness daily. He has taken it all in his stride and remains very confident in everything he is doing.”

Congratulations from everyone at Seaford College!