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A fun and educational event for students in Seaford's Greenpower Club.



On Saturday 28th May, a team of thirteen Seaford Prep students in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 took part in the Greenpower Goblins event hosted here at Seaford College and run by the Greenpower Education Trust.  Mr Harker, who runs the weekly Greenpower Club, said: “This is usually an annual event, but due to the recent circumstances, hasn't run since 2019, so it was great to be able to take part again!  During club time since the last event, students have been working on redesigning the bodywork for all our Goblin cars.  After they had spent a lot of time creating many different ideas for what the cars could look like, a final design was eventually chosen by the group.  This was to make the cars look as much as possible like a classic racing car, of the sort that may be seen on the track at Goodwood. 

We entered all three of our Goblin electric racing cars, which were all looking very smart in their newly made bodywork.  Each car took part in a series of events, before lunch it was; drag racing, and a timed slalom, and each member of our team was able to drive the cars in these events.  After lunch, the usual circuit racing event was replaced by high speed timed circuit, still of three laps, and with each car being driven by the best driver in each of our groups.  



Highlights for us were our Goblin 3 (gold stripes, race number 22) which posted the fastest time in the slalom, and also our Goblin 2 (blue stripes, race number. 21) which was 6th fastest in the final time trial, out of 24 cars entered. 

The weather was ideal for the event, and all students thoroughly enjoyed themselves, as did the many parents spectating!” 


The Teams: 

Car 1 (No. 20 - Red) 

Bea Powell (Yr 6) 

Izzy Harker (Yr 5) 

Roo Harker (Yr 5) 

Camilla Scholes (Yr 5) 


Car 2 (No. 21 - Blue) 

Elliott Rogers (Yr 6) 

Oscar Resouly (Yr 5) 

Otto Smithers (Yr 5) 

Finlay Harvey (Yr 4) 

Henry Kennedy (Yr 4) 

Car 3 (No. 22 - Gold) 

Barnaby Gilchrist (Yr 6) 

Ted Rhys-Hurn (Yr 6) 

James Thompson (Yr 5) 

Ed Williams (Yr 3) 

Seaford’s Greenpower Club not only enhances students’ interest in STEM school subjects but also encourages students to design, build and race their own electric race cars within professionally drafted specifications, with only a small helping hand from experienced adults. Students learn about green power and have fun racing in the Goblin Greenpower events held on site at Seaford and at Goodwood. 



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