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We invite parents to join us for this free talk.



Free parent talk with Dr Katie Armstrong from Clinic51 - tips on how to flourish during the menopause and through midlife

Lara Stitt, Director of Student Personal Development, said: “We are lucky enough to have Clinic51, a women’s health and menopause service, just a two-minute drive from Seaford College.

Founder, Dr Katie Armstrong, has hosted a number of talks for our staff and students over the years, and now that the clinic is established in Dye House Lane, she would like to invite parents along to the Barn for a free talk with tips on how to flourish during the menopause and through midlife, post drop-off (around 8.45am) on Friday 19th April.

This talk is open to all Seaford parents, free of charge. However, if you would like to make a donation to our chosen charity, Tender (supporting healthy relationships to prevent domestic violence), you can donate here: https://tender.enthuse.com/donate/#!/

If you would like to attend, please open the Clinic51 poster and scan the QR code to secure your place.”

We look forward to welcoming parents at Clinic51 on Friday!