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Strengthen your child's literacy skills over the summer break.



Our dedicated Literacy Working Group has been hard at work this year, developing strategies and resources to ensure consistent and progressive literacy provision for students of all ages. We've implemented a whole College Literacy Policy, provided full staff training, appointed trained literacy mentors, increased small group booster sessions, and invested in the "Accelerated Reader" digital reading program. 

Literacy is the foundation of education, and daily reading has been proven to improve academic performance by up to two grades. It also plays a vital role in future success, whether pursuing further education or apprenticeships, as it enhances vocabulary, written expression, and reading comprehension. 

To support your child's literacy development at home during the summer break, we've created a bespoke Firefly page. It includes our full Literacy Policy, videos from key staff members sharing age-specific methods for literacy support, and valuable resources like glossaries, reading lists, and phonics help sheets. 

Access the Firefly Page here: https://seaford.fireflycloud.net/literacy 

These resources aim to provide advice and guidance on engaging activities to boost literacy confidence. Remember, support inside and outside the classroom is crucial for your child's growth. While this list isn't exhaustive, it will help maintain academic momentum in the background, ready for September. 


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