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Education is about so much more than taking exams, it’s about the experiences you have along the way.

Isaac Mitchinson said: “I got an A in biology, an A in history and a C in chemistry, which I feel a little bit funny about because the school gave an A to the examination board, so that’s been moved down twice. But I’m not overly disappointed, I guess we’ll see what happens."

Isaac spoke about how Seaford has given him the confidence to take time to explore what he wants to do in the future. He spoke about how historian, Suzannah Lipscomb, has inspired him to think about the future.

He said: “I was planning to go into medicine but then I changed my mind, not just today. I’m going to look at medical science. I think the confidence to change my mind has come from being at Seaford and being aware of how many different ways there are to do things. I remember last year, the speaker at speech day, historian, Suzannah Lipscomb was talking about how she was desperate to do history and didn’t get in, went a different way and now she’s incredibly successful, with loads of books and TV programmes about exactly what she loves doing. So there are a million different ways to get to where you want to be. It was a really good message, so I think that’s been on my mind.”

Isaac also spoke to us about his love of hockey: “I was 1st team hockey captain and the friendship and the camaraderie of the team was really excellent. Sport at Seaford just completely takes your mind off your academics.”

He concluded: "I love Seaford because of the whole atmosphere. For me it’s a place of peace, which makes working here and playing sport here and making friends here just that much easier. It’s just been a really excellent place for me. I can be myself, I can be what I want to be, I don’t feel that I have to conform to any norm or anything, I can just be me and people will celebrate that.”

Isaac is taking a gap year, gaining work experience before applying for university.





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