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We find out what #EachforEqual means to our community.

The International Women's Day theme for 2020 is #EachforEqual. Lara Stitt, our Director of Girls' Provision, opened the theme up to Seaford's community. Throughout this week we have posted about being an inclusive community. Our Each for Equal message encompasses themes such as religion, disability, sexuality, and age, as well as gender.

Mrs Stitt asked students and staff what #EachforEqual means to them. Here are the quotes she received.

Mr John Green, Headmaster said: "Our ethos at Seaford will never change. We value every child for the skills and talents that they bring to our community, the diversity we have makes it a very special school. That’s why I love being part of the Seaford community." 

Our Head of Prep School, Mr Brown said: "Everyone is unique but equally valued and equally treated at Seaford's Prep School."

Pippi Williams from Year 13 said: “I love playing sport, especially tennis. At Seaford, it’s great to see that everyone gets involved with matches against other schools and between the school houses. There’s so much on offer for both girls and boys, which creates such a friendly but competitive atmosphere.”

Mrs Jones, Yr 4 Teacher, and Pastoral Lead said: "I’ve worked at Seaford for over 30 years and our ethos has never changed. We help every child, no matter what their ability to succeed and achieve their personal best both inside and outside the classroom. That’s why I love working at Seaford."

Rupert Blackwell, Head Boy said: "Regardless of faith, all are welcome in Seaford’s community. Various Christian denominations, and even those who are not religious, have joined our well-attended Chapel sessions. They come not for religious teaching, but for a moment of stillness. As a group, we feel passionate about including all members of our community." 

Mark Ormrod said: “In this day and age, with the technology, medicine, and support we have available to us, I feel grateful as a ‘disabled’ man that I’m not held back from reaching my full potential.” Mark visited Seaford College during the week to give an inspirational talk to our CCF (Combined Cadet Force), students and staff. Seaford has a beautiful contemporary sculpture of ex-Royal Marine Mark Ormrod on display. The sculpture is on loan to Seaford and it will ultimately go to the new Royal Marines Museum in Portsmouth.

Fr Colin really summed up the week by saying: “I believe passionately in equality: what should be, what should happen, communities where diversity and fulfilment sit side-by-side.  The fact that this still isn’t so in 2020 strengthens my resolve to keep striving to be a part of making the communities I am in, places where equality isn’t just a target, but a reality."

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