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Congratulations to our Dance Scholars for your performances at the Chichester Festival for Music, Dance and Speech 2020.

Alena Bennett, Head of Dance and Veronica Day, Teacher of Ballet & Modern Dance organised a very successful two-day trip to the Chichester Festival for Music, Dance and Speech over half term.

Congratulations to all of the students who took part. The results were fantastic!

Rory Toms and Cameron Sutherland Yr 9: Modern Duet - First place with 86 points. The adjudicator said: " You showed great agility and strength!".  Cameron and Rory have also had the honor of being invited to perform at the Chichester Festival Concert, a showcase of all the best performances throughout all the categories of Music, Speech, and Dance at the Chichester Festival. 

Poppy Le Butt, Alice Escott, Lili Doubler Yr 9: Modern Trio First place and Winners of Cup with 83 points. 

Jenny Hunt Yr 9: Lyrical Dance third place out of 7 competitors with 85 points. The adjudicator said: "A lovely peaceful start to your piece, you are a very promising dancer!"

Hannah Bramsden Yr 12:  Modern Dance Solo, third place with 84 points. 

Isabel Bramsen Yr 10: Modern Dance Solo, 83 points. Only one point behind the qualifying pieces.

Veronica said: “I’m so proud of all of the students who took part. The standard was very high and everyone danced their best! ”

Alena added: “It was a wonderful opportunity for our Seaford Dance Scholars to showcase their talents. This was their first competition outside of Seaford and all students performed exceptionally well.”










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