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We’re celebrating our largest ever donation to the Samaritan’s Purse charity today. Thank you to everyone who donated a box. Our Prep School students carried 104 boxes into the van and we have had more boxes donated online. If you would like to donate then please follow the link https://www.samaritans-purse.org.uk/

For many children the box is the only gift that they’ll receive at Christmas. A huge thank you to Mrs Ferris, Head of Year 8 and her tutor group who organise the collection each year.

Rory King from Year 8 helped pack the van today and told us about the voluntary work he does with the charity over the Christmas period. Rory said: “I work over 20 hours in the sorting centre in Byfleet in the run up to Christmas. It makes me feel really good to do the work and I think at Christmas it’s good to think about people less lucky than ourselves.”

Linda Ferris added: “Each year my tutor group does a presentation in assembly to the Prep School and we explain what the charity does. It’s a fantastic charity and we really appreciate the generosity of our Prep School parents and staff that donate boxes.”






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