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Seaford’s Head of Careers, Angela Loten has organised a programme of career talks this term for Year 11.

The talk goes alongside the individual careers interviews that she has been conducting with students all year.

The first Monday after half term we welcomed a speaker, Annie Dunning, from the Swiss Education Group who spoke about the different opportunities within Hospitality. Hospitality is a growing industry and looks set to become the biggest employment sector over the coming decades and so it is important that our students have some awareness of its various aspects.

At the same time, Dr. Richardson spoke to a group about careers in Science. Having worked in Scientific Research, Dr. Richardson is well placed to give first-hand advice in this field and his talk was found to be very informative.

The last week of talks included two presentations for Year 11 students on Marketing, Retail, Buying & Design from Sarah Twigger, Director of Marketing & Communications at Seaford and Seaford’s Chaplain Fr. Colin spoke about Social Care, Counselling and Religion.  

The Marketing, Retail, Buying & Design talk appealed to a broad spectrum of students, especially as Business Studies is a popular Sixth Form option. The Social Care, Counselling and Religion talk was attended by students who are interested in working in Medicine, Nursing, Teaching and Volunteering.

Sarah said: “I spoke about the diverse roles and opportunities in both retail and marketing industries.  It’s a very exciting time to be working in the marketing industry.  The ability to adapt and learn new skills, to keep up with the pace of change, is crucial.  I gave an overview of the soft and hard skills that are needed in a marketing role.  We then discussed the type of roles that exist from Marketing Manager, Digital Marketing Manager, Web Designer, PR Consultant to Social Media Manager and we even spoke about Social Media Influencers!

There are a lot of things that students can do now to gain experience in marketing, and I spoke about the Seaford Content Creator role that I have in my department.  The role is for student photographers, videographers and writers to submit content for my team to use on our social media and our website. I had a couple of students who spoke to me at the end, that are interested in doing this role during their Sixth Form.  I also encouraged students to build their own website, write their own blogs and film their own videos and adverts to learn the skills they’ll need in a marketing role.”

Fr Colin said: “I spoke about social care; care management as well as service provision.  We spoke a lot about the pressure to have a career nailed by Year 12 and how that often that isn’t the case.  We also discussed what our gifts, talents and passions were, and how a career could be connected to that.  The staff present all agreed that basic interpersonal skills were a real asset and transferrable in any job or vocation!

Mo Toft, from Chichester College, gave a talk about Apprenticeships to Year 12.  Matthew Pitteway, Head of UCAS said: “The talk yesterday was aimed predominantly at the Year 12s and followed on from the talk we hosted earlier this term about University applications and the UCAS process.

The aim of the talks is to give all students a wide range of options to consider as they start to plan what they will do when they leave Seaford next summer. We have formed an excellent relationship with Chichester College over the past few years as they are the education provider for a lot of the local apprenticeships that local firms offer.

The purpose of the talk yesterday was to go through how apprenticeships work, the various different levels of apprenticeship there are and how to go about applying for an apprenticeship.

As always, the talk was very well received and there were a number of students who stayed behind to discuss these issues in more detail.”



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