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Year 10 students have been discussing; gender stereotypes and masculinities; inclusion and allyship; consent and healthy relationships.




Year 10 boys this week took part in the third in a series of three workshops aimed at exploring some of the key issues surrounding masculinity.

During the guided discussion groups, run by Beyond Equality throughout Year 10, the boys have had the chance to talk candidly about sensitive topics and to learn from the experiences of others. Topics under discussion included gender stereotypes and masculinities; inclusion and allyship; consent and healthy relationships.

Lara Stitt, Director of Girls’ Provision, said: “The male students in Year 10 have gone through an emotional journey with Beyond Equality over the past three terms. The conversations have become more open over time, helping to build greater trust to discuss personal issues. Having that continuity each term, to know that you are working with the same small group of students and speakers, has been very positive.

“The sense of progress was really felt from the facilitators in this week’s sessions. One of the guests made a comment about how much 'Jeff' (not his real name) had matured over the year.

“I feel there is a huge benefit in allowing the boys to discuss some difficult subjects. Each facilitator tailored their workshop to fit the group, and no topic is 'off the table'. This allows honest conversations to develop. The students are treated with respect and therefore they reciprocate that behaviour with the guest speakers. I think it is an invaluable resource for the boys to access,” said Lara.



Fraser Desforges-Medhurst, Teacher of Geography, sat in on the sessions. He said: “Beyond Equality offered our students a valuable opportunity to discuss the issues surrounding gender and violence, which have featured heavily in the news recently, and will inevitably affect them or those close to them at some point in their lives. Our students responded admirably, offering respectful, thoughtful and honest insights during some very challenging and, at times, heavy conversations. The session leaders were given well-deserved and fulsome thanks, and can be pleased to have made such a lasting positive impact on so many of the boys.”



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