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Archie thanks Seaford's Oxbridge Advisor for getting him over the line 

We spoke to Archie about his time at Seaford, his plans for the future, and why he chose his university subject, Classical Archaeology and Ancient History:

“I chose my subject because I’ve always been really passionate about the ancient world and watching movies like ‘Gladiator’ and ‘Troy’ really inspired me, and then going on to read the literature of Homer and Virgil is very inspiring and really appealed to me. Especially when I’ve been on holiday to Greece and Rome looking at the ruins and I find it very inspiring.

I also like the intellectual ability of it. Greece and Rome were the foundations of our Western civilisations. A lot of stuff that we have today we owe back to them, and I think that’s really important to still be able to learn, especially in a time like we are living in today. Especially the ancient history side of things, there’s a lot that can be translated back from the ancient world to the present world, so I find that very interesting. I’m feeling very excited to go but I’m a bit nervous as well.

I like Seaford’s non-selective environment, I have achieved things I never thought possible including the DW Kayaking race and winning our Mock Election. I’ve enjoyed being third team rugby captain and taking part in debating. I have been really happy here.

I was rugby second team and third team captain. That was a leadership role for me. We didn’t win a match, my leadership was probably a bit questionable, but it was a good season, it was good fun. It was a funny season. I think that’s what most third teams should have”

Seaford's Oxbridge Advisor, James Gisby worked with Archie on his Oxbridge application. Archie said: "Mr Gisby was really enthusiastic when I asked him for advice about applying. He helped me with my personal statement and with preparation for my interview. The preparation we did, preparing myself for that environment was hugely helpful, and I’m really thankful to him and the school really for getting me over the line, there."