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Aquilla spoke about his future sporting aspirations

Aquilla spoke to us about his experience as a sport scholar, he said: "I love rugby and athletics. Mr Thompson and Mr Rees in the gym helped me develop, and then they’ve brought in a yoga instructor and at most schools you wouldn’t get that. They’re telling you, “I can see where your hips are not working well, so we need to stretch you out here and here.” Then you’ve got support groups such as the physios, Josh and Jamie. They’re always making notes of what’s gone wrong and how you need to come in and help fix it, even if it’s a simple prehab for every day.

At Leeds I want to push my sport to another level, I want to continue the programmes Mr Rees has given me, I need to do something with it and develop it further.

I love Seaford because it has shaped me as a person and instilled life skills which I am going to take on much further into life."

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